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Upcoming training on May 5th

Training will be held Saturday May 5th starting at 9:00 AM, and will consist of 4 sessions that will end between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM at Evangel Assembly of God, 3225 N 14th St Bismarck, ND 58503.

Training will include using a live set from Evangel's worship team multi-track recording with a Midas Pro 1 digital console real time to demonstrate all of the taught principles to show how the training relates to real world situations.

Currently we are planning on the training being free with lunch provided, though if we get too many attendees there may be a small fee assessed to cover food expenses. Please RSVP to with your name and organization you are affiliated with, the number of people you are planning on bringing with you, and your contact information including e-mail address and phone number. In the event that we do need to charge to cover food expenses we will send you an e-mail with the required amount and make an update to this page. We plan on keeping it to a minimum if we do end up having any charge at all. Due to time constraints and the amount of information being covered we plan on having a session during lunch. For out of town attendees if you plan on coming the night before there are a few hotels around the church that offer a discount for events at Evangel, please let me know if you would like more information in the RSVP e-mail.

Please bring something to write on for notes. During the event we will also have an e-mail address and phone number to send questions to and will cover some of them at the end of each session.

Below are the slides for the 4 sessions, at the start of each PDF is a summary of the subjects covered so you can get a better idea of what information will be taught.

Session 1: Equalization and Tone Control
Session 2: Utilizing Compressors and Effects Processors
Session 3: Stage Volume, Gates and Drums
Session 4: Application of combining sessions 1-3 in a live mix
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